Law Conference of Champions Returns to Southern California

Every high-end AI, marketing and digital advertising shop in the nation should be looking to Southern California this July as the Law Conference of Champions kicks off another incredible year. This is the premier conference for marketing and digital advertising professionals looking for fantastic networking and the latest information on legal and compliance issues.

And with a heavy focus on legal issues impacting emerging marketing technologies—including AI outreach and modeling—the Law Conference of Champions has become a critical resource for emerging Marctech platforms hoping to navigate the web of federal and state regulation impacting their technologies.

Conference & Networking
Happy Hour

Unlike most “legal” conferences presenters at the Law Conference of Champions are incredibly talented and engaging speakers who will give you precisely what you need to know with plenty of wit and wisdom to keep you engaged. The presentations are absolutely cutting edge and the information is up-to-the-minute. Attendees will find no stale content or “yesterday’s news.” Instead every presentation will contain incredibly valuable tips and tricks you need to know right now.

Attended by C-Suite, compliance and legal personnel, the Law Conference of Champions provides critical take aways for companies that are looking to make business decisions and operationalize the latest compliance and legal guidance.

There is NO better conference to address the legal and compliance needs of advertisers and marketers. This is the conference for marketing law issues. Period. Full stop.


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The TCPA in the hands of the Plaintiffs’ bar is a fast-moving predator – and the best way to defend yourself is to attend the Troutman Amin conference and learn from the experts.

Brent Eskew, JD
General Counsel | Senior Vice President

I attended the Troutman Amin compliance conference last year, and I was astonished by the volume of information they were able to convey in such a short amount of time.  I was not surprised, however, by the depth of expertise that was on display: each member of the firm is a subject matter specialist who drills down into their area with grit and humor.  I look forward to attending again and again!

Lisa Wu Fate
General Counsel

Other conferences will tell you what happened last year - maybe already to you. The Troutman Amin Conference will tell you what's happening this year - maybe even to you.

Jon Paul
SVP, Managing Counsel

Attended in 2023 and looking forward to 2024! What an incredible conference, jam packed with valuable information, free suggestions, and a wonderfully entertaining panel! Informative, educational, and fun!! Ps.. the swag!

Eric Madura
Back Office Manager

The annual Troutman Amin conference is THE conference to go to if you're a legal or compliance professional. It's all the insight and entertainment of TCPAWorld.com but live and in person. Most conferences keep their presentations high level so as to not overwhelm the average person, but not Troutman Amin. They'll take you on a trip through the weeds of one of the most complex legal landscapes in the world and have you on the edge of your seat. Seriously, don't miss this conference.

Christopher Deatherage
General Counsel

The Troutman Amin Conference was by far the most beneficial conference that I attended in 2023. The content was relevant, educational, actionable, and they somehow managed to keep me engaged and entertained while covering topics that most people would typically find dull and boring. Whether you're a TCPA expert or simply trying to get a grasp on compliance, this conference is one not to be missed!

Susannah Rayburn
VP of Operations

Thank you for considering a repeat of the conference this year. As always, your presentations at last year’s inaugural event were outstandingly relevant to our continued compliance efforts. The steady stream of insight and guidance that comes from you and your team is indispensable if one wants to stay ahead of the tidal wave of change. Additionally, I find it intellectually stimulating to hear from people who think deeply about real problems. Thanks to you all for being such a core part of that group!

Dennis Evanson

I really valued the time with you and the team, packing it all into one day making it very easy to attend for "locals" but it was nice to see folks travel in as well.  The content was great per each topic and everyone was paying clear attention; no distractions like major conferences.  You all made yourselves available for Q&A and made everyone attending feel welcome and appreciated.

Joey Liner

Most conferences are EITHER/OR events. You either get quality programing or quality networking. The Troutman Amin conference is a unicorn because attendees get the absolute best programming you’ll find AND strategic, meaningful networking opportunities across multiple industry verticals. It’s not one to miss.

Brendan Witherell
General Counsel

Enjoy a full day of critical content as well as a networking lunch and TWO incredible networking happy hours where you can rub shoulders with titans of the marketing and digital advertising worlds. Major brands will also be in attendance meaning the Law Conference of Champions can be a perfect opportunity to explore, go-to, and even expand the market for your services or digital advertising services.

There is truly nothing else like it in the nation. And it is all just $149.00 for in-person attendees through May 31, 2024. (R.E.A.C.H. members may join free!) Virtual passes—including an anticipated three camera set up and easy access to all presentation materials—begin at $249.00.



Topics will vary from year to year but typically sessions include discussion of:

Latest FTC guidance and actions taken targeting marketers

(FTC Act Sec. 5, TSR, UCL, UDAAP)

State and federal data security and privacy laws as the intersect with digital advertising and marketers


State and federal laws regarding outbound calling and texting


Regulation of consumer-facing Artificial Intelligence (AI) out reach, voice and text communication platforms


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